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Water cooler POU EMax - Ebac

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The Ebac EMAX water cooler is a reliable, high quality and advanced product technologically, with the advantages of a POU water cooler.

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The EMax water cooler is the most successful water cooler in Europe with over 500,000 units sold since its launch in 2000.

EMAX's reputation has been built on its robustness and durability. Sanitary maintenance is carried out in a few seconds thanks to the patented system L’entretien and its kettle is 30 times more efficient than that of competing models. Available in several colors, EMAX is a reliable and quality product.
It is equipped with the latest technologies developed by Ebac, in particular the patented cartridge WaterTrail™ which allows a sanitary maintenance in less than 60 seconds, the anti-leakage collector which avoids leaks due to the drilled tanks and the insulated vacuum kettle which allows saving more than 45 € per year on the operating costs of each fountain. EMax benefits from the reputation of the leading water cooler manufacturer, and Ebac is the ultimate evolution of water coolers.



Developed in 1994, WaterTrail™ is today the most widespread sanitary maintenance method in Europe. All parts in contact with water are simply replaced - not cleaned - allowing 100% safe disinfection in seconds. The WaterTrail™ saves both time and money by increasing the number of fountains entered-nues each day without needing a complex training for the personnel.


Remove the front panel Remove the used WaterTrail™ Insert the new WaterTrail™ Replace the front panel


40% more sanitary maintenance per day

Unlike disinfection, which requires long processes and does not always guarantee a completely cleaned and disinfected fountain, WaterTrail™ can be easily replaced in less than 60 seconds. Conventional disinfection processes take from 20 minutes (using chemicals at the customer site) to 5 minutes (steam at the customer site) (see Figure 1.1). Not only do these methods take more time, but they are also much more complex and involve greater risk, requiring extensive staff training and rigorous quality control procedures.
With the WaterTrail™, you remove the old cartridge from the fountain and insert the new one, as shown in the photos above.
Thanks to the cartridge WaterTrail™, the maintenance of the EMax water cooler will be carried out in a minimum of time with a basic training.


100% safe disinfection

The removable WaterTrail™ replaces all parts that come into contact with water and is the only system that ensures 100% safe disinfection with every use.
Steam cleaning does not clean the water cooler, they only disinfect it and although they kill bacteria, they do not eliminate the biofilm.
With the classic tank system, an air pocket remains above the water thus representing an additional risk of bacterial growth, unlike WaterTrail™ where the water does not come into contact with the air at all.

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The EMAX watercooler is known for its robustness and longevity. Sanitary maintenance is done in seconds with the patented WaterTrailTM. It includes our award-winning kettle, 30 times more efficient than competitive models.

  1. Integrated double cup dispenser
    The cups are positioned upside down to avoid contamination, with an absence indicator.
  2. WaterTrail™ for 100% disinfection
    With the patented WaterTrailTM system, all parts in contact with water are simply replaced, resulting in 100% disinfection in seconds.
    Adapted carbon filter block NSF53
    Replacement is quick and easy with minimal staff training. Manufactured by CUNO-3M, the EMax NETWORK filter is NSF53 approved. It filters up to 5000 litres of water at 1 micron.
  3. The advantages of direct expansion
    Water contact with the air in the tank is reduced to a minimum with lower energy consumption.
  4. Robust construction
    Guarantees the fountain's longevity at a lower cost.
  5. Integrated wheels
    They allow the EMax to be transported easily from one place to another without lifting.
  6. Height adjustable feet
    To guarantee perfect stability of the fountain, even when it is placed on an irregular surface.
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