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Watercooler SlimCool bottle - Ebac

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The Ebac SlimCool water cooler can be slipped anywhere and thanks to its colour combinations, will give elegance to the room where it will be placed.

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Technical details

Drinking water throughout the day is essential for staying healthy, whether in the office or at home.


The EBAC Slimcool fountain is a practical and efficient alternative to have fresh water always at your disposal; no more bulky and expensive small bottles: in a 5 litre disposable bottle or an 11 litre returnable bottle, it's up to you!


With a small diameter to fit anywhere and a weighted base for maximum safety, Ebac Slimcool is available in multiple combinations of colours: from cream to elegant anthracite or imitation metal or pear.


Thanks to the patented Watertrail cassette system, you will always have quality water; each time you change WatertrailTM, your fountain is brand new; with low power consumption, without compressor, Slimcool benefits from electronic water temperature regulation.


With one finger, you get either fresh water or tempered water; by pressing both levers at the same time, you get the ideal mix for you.
With a simple push, you can adjust the glass holder to fill glasses, cups or bottles, depending on your needs at the time.

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Technical details

Large Water Tank

A total capacity of 7 litres is much greater than any filter jug so you are likely to only fill your SlimCool“ once a day. Because 2.2 litres of water is refrigerated inside the cooler, as long as you keep the top tank re-filled, you will always have a constant supply of chilled water.

Dispense Levers

One finger is all is takes to dispense a cool refreshing glass of water. There are two levers — one for chilled and one for ambient water, or press both together for a perfect mix.

Dispense Nozzle

For peace of mind and maximum hygiene, the SlimCool“ Filter s dispense nozzle is covered with a protective layer to prevent fingers touching the actual dispense point of drinking water.

Adjustable Cup Station

Securely holds your cup or glass at the ideal height allowing one finger operation of the dispense lever. The cup station can be adjusted to accommodate larger containers like jugs for sports bottles.

Retractable Cable

No unruly, messy wires that could cause accidents. Excess cable is stored neatly inside the base.

Slim & Stylish

With its stylish design, a choice of modern colours and a compact diameter of just 20cm, the SlimCool“ Home Filtered Watercooler will look great in the kitchen or any other room you choose.

Product Colours

The SlimCool“ Home Filtered Watercooler is available in a range of 3 contemporary colours to compliment any room setting. A choice of removable side panels are available in Silver, Beech, Charcoal and Cream decors to complement either a cream or charcoal chassis.



Developed in 1994, WaterTrail™ is today the most widespread sanitary maintenance method in Europe. All parts in contact with water are simply replaced - not cleaned - allowing 100% safe disinfection in seconds. The WaterTrail™ saves both time and money by increasing the number of fountains entered-nues each day without needing a complex training for the personnel.


Remove the bottle

and open the lid

Remove the used WaterTrail™ Insert the new WaterTrail™ Replace the bottle


40% more sanitary maintenance per day

Unlike disinfection, which requires long processes and does not always guarantee a completely cleaned and disinfected fountain, WaterTrail™ can be easily replaced in less than 60 seconds. Conventional disinfection processes take from 20 minutes (using chemicals at the customer site) to 5 minutes (steam at the customer site) (see Figure 1.1). Not only do these methods take more time, but they are also much more complex and involve greater risk, requiring extensive staff training and rigorous quality control procedures.
With the WaterTrail™, you remove the old cartridge from the fountain and insert the new one, as shown in the photos above.
Thanks to the cartridge WaterTrail™, the maintenance of the EMax water cooler will be carried out in a minimum of time with a basic training.


100% safe disinfection

The removable WaterTrail™ replaces all parts that come into contact with water and is the only system that ensures 100% safe disinfection with every use.
Steam cleaning does not clean the water cooler, they only disinfect it and although they kill bacteria, they do not eliminate the biofilm.
With the classic tank system, an air pocket remains above the water thus representing an additional risk of bacterial growth, unlike WaterTrail™ where the water does not come into contact with the air at all.

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Technical details
Height 955 mm
Width 300 mm
Depth 300 mm
Weight 13 Kg
Operating Temperatures min. 5°C max. 40°C
Water cooling time (21°C - 10°C) at 21°C ambient 2 hours
Upper tank capacity 1,2 L
Lower tank capacity 3,6 L
Casette WatertrailTM Capacity 2,2 L
Power supply GB at 32°C ambient/universal at 43°C ambient 230 V, 0.5 A, 50 Hz
Max. power 55 W
Casette WatertrailTM Duration  6 months
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Technical details

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