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Watercooler 9 Series IDOP - Canaletas
973.00 €
Dispatched within 15 days
HYGEOLIS anti-odor air purifier
948.00 €
Product available
EOLIS 600/S Air manager
2,820.00 €
Product available
EOLIS 1200/S Air manager
3,996.00 €
Product available
Package BEER UP - 10 Glasses
109.00 €
Product available
Introducing the NEW LifeSaver® Liberty™, the worlds' first and only portable water purifier which is a bottle with an inline pump combined.
109.99 €
Product available
The Lifesaver® Bottle has a capacity of 750 ml. It is available in two versions capable of producing respectively 4,000 Litres or 6,000 Litres of drinking water from any type of non-salty water.
129.00 €
Not available
The TS 400 Ion water cooler is an innovative appliance that replaces all the bottled water you could ever drink.
1,580.00 €
Dispatched within 20 days
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