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With the Finecel ultrafiltration system you will enjoy pure water to cook, quench your thirst, prepare tea, coffee, cook vegetables, for less than 5 cents per liter.
179.00 €
Product available
Carbon filter reduces water pollutants such as chlorine and organic particles. Improves water quality by eliminating taste.
12.90 €
Product available
Removes all particles suspended in the water such as the sand responsible for the turbidity of the water. High filtration efficiency.
13.50 €
Not available
Ultrafiltration Filter removes particles up to 1 micron. High permeability. No chemicals.
18.90 €
Not available
Carbon and particle filters compatible only with Ebac Fleet Fountain
68.10 €
Product available
Ultra Filtration System Eco3 - Icon
245.00 €
Product available
Finecel filters
16.80 €
Product available
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