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The W-7 watercooler is a free-standing cooler. It is a product suitable for both private and public environments and particularly for hospitals, schools, banks, hotels, etc..
429.00 €
Product available
The Winix W-7TD counter-top water cooler is very robust, suitable for all professional environments, with a unique design combining functionality and elegance.
369.00 €
Not available
The W-710 watercooler from Winix is a simple Bottled water cooler for a higher daily efficiency.
399.00 €
Product available
The Midea YL1633S water cooler offers you the advantages of a water cooler but with the advantage of bottom loading: more aesthetic and easier to replace.
389.00 €
Product available
With MIDEA's new YLd1664S-W water cooler you can enjoy ambient and cold water with your loved ones and be surprised by the time and space savings today.
299.00 €
Product available
Ebac's EMAX water cooler is the most commercially available water cooler in Europe with over 500,000 units sold since its launch, thanks to its easy maintenance in 60 seconds.
440.00 €
Product available
The FMax water cooler from Ebac is the most complete water cooler on the market, with its stylish and modern design it fits perfectly into any decor.
484.00 €
Product available
The Ebac SlimCool water cooler can be slipped anywhere and thanks to its colour combinations, will give elegance to the room where it will be placed.
356.00 €
Product available
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